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TEN Strategy

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Rationale Behind the Formation of TEN

The Organization Of Nationwide Empowerment Programs By The Government, Private Organizations Or Individuals With The Purpose Of Providing Economic Empowerment And Training For Unemployed Nigerians, Would Be A Priceless Strategy In The Alleviation Of Poverty In Nigeria.


The Strategy And Goals Of The Empowerment Network (TEN) Make It Different From Majority Of Other Existing Interventions Which Have Been Structured To Cater For Either A Specific Gender Or Type Of Entrepreneurs, So, They Clearly Do Not Try To Solve The Same Problem As TEN.


Provide long-lasting Access, support, and Connection To Growth Opportunities For Disadvantaged men and women who are majorly breadwinners Through Networks Of Partners, Sponsors And Volunteers.

Over 13Million Out of School
Children- Extremely Worrisome.

  • 10.5million children ages 5-14 are out of School
  • 61% of 6-11years attend school regularly
  • 35.6% of children aged 36-59 months receive early childhood Education
  • 2.8million children are in need of education-in emergencies support in three conflict affected states(Yobe, Borno, Adamawa).
  • 802 schools remain closed
  • 497 classrooms destroyed
  • 1,392 damaged classrooms but repairable
The world population review has ranked Nigeria


largest country in the world, with a population of over 200.96milion

  • 36.5% unemployed Nigerians
  • Number of Nigerians
36.50% of the Nigerian youth are unemployed.

Unemployed Nigerians Rose By 3.3 Million To 20.9 Million In The Third Quarter Of 2018

  • 23.1% unemployed labour force in Nigeria
  • 39.7% Ineffective labour force in Nigeria
23.1% of the labour force in Nigeria is presently unemployed

Combined Rate Of The Ineffective Labour Force is Approximately 39.7%.


Nigeria Ranks 6th in Most Miserable Economies in 2019.

The misery index is an economic indicator calculated by simply adding the unemployment rate to the inflation rate.

Despite its rather simple calculation, it is useful in determining how the average citizen in a given country is doing, as higher rates of unemployment and inflation are associated with increased socioeconomic issues for a country


World Economic Forum Report

…But No Matter What The Arguments Might Be, At The Root of Poverty Lies The Deprivation Of People’s Access To Basic Necessities Such As Food, Healthcare And Sanitation, Education And Assets. And The Evidence – Including From India – Shows That Solving These Issues Generally Lifts Populations Out Of Extreme Poverty.

  • Invest in girls’ education
  • Invest in health and wellbeing
  • Expand economic opportunities and embrace technology

Project Description

Step 1

Reach into impoverished areas, select breadwinners of families who have up to five (5) dependents, train them in line with various small scale businesses and provide funding to commence the businesses, up to the tune of ten thousand Naira (N10,000 for each breadwinner).

Stage 2

empower a minimum of eight million (8m) beneficiaries, who are breadwinners with up to five (5) dependents, over a ten (10) year period

Stage 3

Execute its outreach plans and training through volunteers, who enjoy annual benefits and who get awarded for major milestones they achieve on TEN’s scale of impact.

Stage 4

Eventually establish a minimum of two (2) local Empowerment Centers in all seven hundred and seventy- four (774) local governments in Nigeria, ownership, and management of which will be entrusted in volunteers who have achieved an outstanding milestone.

Stage 5

Establish perpetual Empowerment Centers across the nation, which will be operated by the volunteers, independently of TEN after their establishment. Hence, although TEN is structured to function over a ten (10) year period, its vision remains open-ended.

Project Impact Assessment



(The length and breath
of the Nation.)


(Number of ECs existing in all
LGA of the federation.)


(Funded and set to empower
5 other dependents.)


(Reduce poverty index by 50% total number of beneficiaries and their dependents to be empowered.)

Board of Advisors

Distinguished Private And Public Sector/Church Leaders And Elder Statesmen

    9 Board Committees

  • Audit Committee
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Investment Advisory Committee
  • Nomination and Governance Committee
  •  Panel Member Selection Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Risk Committee
  • Risk Management Committee

Management Team/Consultants/Volunteers

  • Plan our processes.
  • Elect governance lead.
  • Create scalable documentation and processes.
  • Train our team and internal clients.

Sponsors/Investors and Partners

Define our global goals and objectives.

The first step/milestone in designing a governance process to determine what the goals for the project will be and Evaluate our resources as well as funding needs and structures


Impact Alliances and Legacy Focused Partners.
TEN Volunteer Cycle
TEN System Design

Multi Level Governance Structure
TEN Execution Timelines/Key Milestones
The New Narrative – Nigeria in 2030 and Beyond